Universitas Advent Indonesia Online Admissions for Prospective Students

Steps 1
Create Account

  • Choose Register if you doesn't have an account before.
  • Use an active and contactable email in the registration to complete the verification process.

Steps 2
Fill the Registration Account

  • Log in with your added account before.
  • Fill the form on Registration Form menu.

Steps 3
Payment Registration Form

  • Form payment is done by transferring to the virtual account number
  • listed on the payment menu after completing the registration form.

Steps 4
Entrance Examination

  • The entrance examination is intended for applicants who pass through general registration.
  • Greaded way for registrants who have an average score
  • of report cards Semester 5 and 6 at least 8.00

Steps 5
Fill the Identity Form

  • Registrants who have passed the entrance exams and graded way,
  • are required to fill out their personal data on the Identity Form menu.

Steps 6
Complete the Documents

  • After completing the online registration,
  • registrans have to come to Universitas Advent Indonesia campus
  • by bringing a number of documents that are required.
  • The document in question, can be seen in the registry dashboard.
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Registration Information

Registration Requirements & Completeness

Requirements for registration:

1. Original and legalized diploma
2. Legalized copy of SKHUN
3. Report cards for semester 5 and 6
4. Photocopy of prospective student and parent ID card
5. Health certificate
6. Good behavior letter
7. A baptismal letter (for Adventists)
8. Photo 3 x 4

Facilities & scholarships during studying

1. Lecturer house that is close to students 2. Dormitory Campus 3. Scholarship from ALUMNI UNAI 4. UNAI provides lecture facilities while working (Student Labor)
* For further information, contact Student Affairs

Information about Achievement & Test Ways

1. Registrants are applying for SKHUN / Report Card Semester 5 & 6 2. If the average value is more than 8.00, then the registrant will pass through the Achievement Ways. 2. If the average value is less than 8.00, then applicants will pass the Exam Ways.

Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2022/2023

Download the Files Below:

UNAI E-Brochure: Click the Link here
For Summer Teachers: Click the Link here

Why Choose Universitas Advent Indonesia?

Through the campus of Universitas Advent Indonesia, you will experience developments in various fields, such as:

  • Development of Spiritual
  • Development of Intelligence
  • Development of Ethical and Moral Values
  • Development of Social and Community Relations
  • Development of a Love for the Nation and the Nation
  • Development of an Award for Art and Culture
  • Development of Physical and Health Care
  • Development of Skills